School Fees

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At Al-Ashraf Primary School we have always worked extremely hard to ensure our fees meets the needs of school finances, balanced with the pressure it places on parents. Over the last few years, as a result of parent consensus we incorporated curriculum book charges & Annual Ofsted Charges within our annual fees to reduce the burden of an extra charge to parents. More recently the extra costs associated with changes needed following the Ofsted Inspection in November 2017 shall be borne by Al-Madani Educational Trust.

Following a meeting of Al-Madani Educational Trust on 10th May 2018 the trust agreed that the fees 2018/19 would remain unchanged.

  £875 (inc £100 registration fee)
Year 1:
  £1,075 (inc £50 confirmation fee)
Year 2:
  £1,125 (inc £50 confirmation fee)
Year 3:
  £1,175 (inc £50 confirmation fee)
Year 4:
  £1,225 (inc £50 confirmation fee)
Year 5:
  £1,225 (inc £50 confirmation fee)
Year 6:
  £1,255 (inc £50 confirmation fee)

Please note: the 1st sibling discount will be withdrawn from September 2018. The existing discounts offered to parents for their 3rd/4th children enrolled across Al-Ashraf Primary School and Al-Ashraf Secondary School for Girls will continue. Please speak to the school office for more details.

If you prefer to make regular payments please request a standing order form from the school office.