Mr. Shahid Vaid (Chair) Finances.
Parent Liaison.
Support to Admissions Office.
Overseeing all governor responsibilities are being implemented.
Maulana Abdullah P NWC Chair – Responsible for oversight of Nursery and Reception.
Mr. Zakaria J
Mr Kassim S
General Maintenance + Fire and Electrical Safety.
Mr Zakaria J Welfare and Safety.
Mr Zakaria J
Mr Bilal P
School Hygiene and waste management.
Mr Shabbir K
Mr Usman T
IT & Network Infrastructure Support.
Mufti Ismail P SMSC Advisor.
Identify opportunities for improving school's spiritual development and Madrasa oversight lead.
Mr Usman T Pupil Tracking/Data Analysis.
Set targets and challenge school leaders about areas of weaker performance.
Mr Ahmed J Lead person for SDP. (Monitoring, advising and evaluating the progress the school is making towards achievement of its aims and objectives) - working with HT/Chair.
Advice to staff on teaching and learning.
Nominated Governor for Safeguarding.
Mr Zubeir P Governor responsible for oversight of school policies.
Mr Ishaq P Website Maintenance.
School Prospectus & Posters.
Mr Hussain P Governor on Teaching and Learning sub-committee.
Recruitment Lead.
Mrs Fatima P Governor on Teaching and Learning sub-committee.
Mrs Fatima B Governor on Teaching and Learning sub-committee.