Year 3: Previous Work

The Titanic Disaster 14th April 1912

In Year 3 we learnt about the Titanic. We found out about what the Titanic was, what life was like on board, the different kinds of people on board and what happened the night the ship sank.

In pairs, we created radio news reports about the shocking event. Have a listen! We hope you learn something new!

Aaminah & Muhammad’s Report

Hafsa Yasmine’s Report

Ibrabim & Adel's Report

Mohammed & Humayraa’s Report

Nasir Eshal Muhammad’s Report

Noor Ibrahim’s Report

Yusuf Safurah’s Report

Chinese New Year

Year 3 have been making and wearing masks to commemorate the Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year


Romans Project


Year 3 recently spent some time learning about Hajj, click on the links below to see the sorts of things that they learnt.

Faatimah Taha
Fahim Yusuf
Razeen Zaara

...more coming soon


In Year 3 we studied skeletons; click here to see what we discovered.


In Year 3 we studied mathematical shapes and how to sort them, click here to see what we discovered.

Year 3 term timetable