Year 6: Current Work

The Physics of Fairgrounds

In term 3 in Year 6 Art, we planned, designed and constructed our own fairground rides.

We started off by discussing our favourite theme park rides (some mentioned Apocalypse – a free fall drop – at Drayton Manor Park ) and what memories we associated with theme parks.

Using these ideas and memories as a guide, we collaborated on creating our designs, of a ride that we would like to make (keeping in mind that we would have to make these rides move!).

The next few weeks, we spent time using different materials, such as cardboard, plastic cylinders and wooden discs, to create the ride we had designed. Some came out a little different to the original idea, but we still loved creating them.

The trickiest part of this task was in the final couple of weeks, where we had to use our electricity knowledge (science topic for this term) and create a circuit that would allow some parts of our rides to move in certain directions. After much dedication, some of us created rides where the seats moved in a rotating movement (round and round) and we also managed to make the seats rotate faster by adding in extra batteries and motors.

Take a look at the videos and pictures to see our fantastic final fairground rides.

Year 6 Heart Dissection

Heart Dissection: Good But Gruesome

Heart dissection photos from a science lesson that the Year 6 children took part in.

It’s a good but gruesome addition to our school website.

Take a peek if you think you can handle it !!

Early Islamic Civilisation

Last term year 5 and year 6 studied 'Early Islamic Civilisation' as their topic lessons (history) and after few weeks of research, they compiled these PowerPoint Presentations.

Battle of Badr

Early Islam